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Islam Taught The Proper Method of Childbirth 1400 Years Before Science

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Childbirth is one of the most incredible and tough things for women, which comes with great pain and afterward a joy of having a child. But, Islam, almost 1,400 years ago had taught us the way to have children without feeling pain, and this happened even before science ever existed.

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Muslims consider Islam as the perfect religion mainly due to the close corroboration of what was practiced or discovered thousands of years ago with scientific evidence. All of Allah’s revelations and orders for a prosperous life makes the Qur’an and Islam a complete code of life. As far as childbirth is concerned, the Qur’an suggested the proper method long before science.

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When Bibi Maryam (A.S) was giving birth to Issa (A.S), Allah guided her so that the labor process becomes less painful for her.

In Surah Al-Maryam, Allah ordered her to go to a stream of water where there was a palm tree, shake the tree by pulling from the trunk so that dates can fall. According to science and medicine, when a woman is in labor, she has to hold to something and pull it so that the labor process can be less painful by releasing muscle tension.

Then, Allah ordered Maryam (A.S.) to cool herself with the water from the stream. Modern medicine now suggests that when a woman in labor sits in cold water, it helps her to alleviate labor pain.

Finally, Allah ordered her to eat the dates that have fallen from the tree. Today, science proves that dates contain absorbable sugar that cools body heat down and the fructose present improves blood circulation and raise blood pressure.

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