6 Sunnahs During Rain That Every Muslim Should Follow

6 Sunnahs During Rain That Every Muslim Should Follow

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There are 6 Sunnahs during rain which very few people know about should follow. Find out which it is.

1. Pray to Allah that this rain becomes beneficial for you

Whenever it starts raining, you must start reciting this, “Allahumma seeban Nafia” which means “Oh Allah, Give us beneficial rain” (Cited from Sanan An Nasai)

2. Standing under the rain and catching the rain

Once Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stood under the rain. When he was asked why did he do it? He replied, “It has come from the Almighty Allah“. (Cited from Shahih Muslim)

3. Call to Allah through Supplication

Raining is one of the times when duas are accepted. When it rains next time, you better pray during it.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said;

Dua During Rain Hadith

4. Asking for Allah’s Protection From the rain

During severe rain, it is suggested to recite this, “Allah Hawalina Wala Alaina” which means “Oh Allah around us, not on us.” (Cited from Sahih Bukhari)

5. Reciting this verse from the Holy Quran after hearing Thunder

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said;

Surah Raad Quran 13 13

6. Thanking Allah for a blessing on us

When it stops raining, recite this,

Matrna Bafdal Allah Warhamta

It means “We have received rain from Allah SWT’s mercy.” (Cited from Bukhari and Muslim)

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