Who is Hussain (RA) ? – 20 Facts You Need To know

hussain ra facts

Hussain Ibn Ali (RA) was one of the greatest leaders of his time, his sacrifice proved that no matter what happens one should not leave HOPE ON ALLAH.

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Here are the 20 Facts about him;

1. Hussain Ibn Ali (RA) was Ali Ibn Abi Talib (R.A) and Fatimah (R.A)’s Younger son.

2. He was born on 3 Sha’aban (A.H 4) in Medinah, the city of Saudi Arabia.

3. He was the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Khadija (R.A).

prophet muhammad hadith hussain

4. Hassan (R.A) and Hussain (R.A) are the masters of youth in Paradise (Jannah).

5. After the Death of Hassan (R.A) [Elder brother of Hussain and Elder son of Ali], Hussain (R.A) kept the peace as per treaty between Hassan (R.A) and Muawiyah.

6. Hussain (R.A) never accepted Yazid, as the successor after the death of Muawiyah. The reason behind not accepting Yazid as a caliph was Umayyads were oppressive and religiously extremist and misguided people.

7. People of Kufa sent letters to him asking for his Help. (Which was a plan to invite him and martyr him)

8. Hussain (R.A) did not take any kind of army with him to Karbala.

9. On his way to Karbala, he encountered with the Army of Ubaydullah ibn Ziyad. Who Hussain (R.A) commanded that people of Kufa invited him as the people needed an Imam.

10. And two days away from Kufa, Hussain (R.A) along with his family the people of Kufa opposed his claims.  At a point near Euphrates river, Hussain (R.A) and his family stopped bu Yazid’s army and restricted their reach to get the water.

hussain to kufa

11. On Muharram 2, the leader, Hurr refused his return to Madinah. Then they forced Hussain (R.A) and his family to make their camp in dry, bare land and Hurr made the camps of his army nearby.

12. Ibn Ziyad also urged Umar ibn Sa’ad reached the Karbala along with his Army on the Muharram 3, 61 AH.

13. Ibn Ziyad sent a brief letter to Umar ibn Sa’ad that states that do not let Hussain (R.A) and his family drink a single drop of water and commanded 5,000 horsemen near Euphrates river.

14. On Muharram 9th, Ibn Ziyad sends a letter to Umar Ibn Sa’ad to start the battle.

15. A night before, Hussain (R.A) gathered all the people of his family and asked them to leave in the middle of the night. But all of them refused to go back, but decided to stay with Hussain (R.A), SUBHANALLAH!

16. Muharram 10th also called Ashura. When Abbas Ibn Ali (R.A) went to take water from the Euphrates river for Sakina (R.A) he was martyred, his martyrdom broke the heart of Hussain (R.A) so bad. Hussain (R.A) also lost so many people of his family including an infant child.

17. He fought with Zulfiqar in the Battle of Karbala to protect his Family and Children.

18. On Muharram 10th, Hussain (R.A) was beheaded by either Shimr bin Thiljoshan. Before his Martyrdom, he took permission to offer Asr prayer, Shimir gave him permission to him to say Asr prayer. After prayers, he beheaded Hussain (R.A) and made him a martyr.

19. He is buried in the “Imam Hussain Shrine” in Karbala, Iraq.

20. His martyrdom gives us the lesson that no matter what happens but one should not skip prayer and should thank Allah no matter what happens.

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