Reporting Standards

We at The Islamic Information adhere to the guidelines of journalism;

  1. As mentioned in the Quran in Surah al-Hujuraat 49:6 before you publish any news, you should verify it completely. So we verify everything before sharing it on our platform.
  2. In Hadith narrated by Muslim in al-Muqaddimah, 6; Saheeh al-Jaami, 4482 which prohibits sharing the news based on lies, so what we share on our platform, we make sure that we have first-hand information about the topic.
  3. We do not use AI to create any articles as it can lead to some serious misinformation. Our news is written by experienced news writers who do research before publishing the content.
  4. We give full transparency of the author who wrote the article, at the bottom of the article.
  5. We do not include any bias in our news or article, everything we state can be proven factually as well as through research-based papers or through first-hand information being provided to us.

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