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In a world full of stories, there are those that carry their weight best in hushed tones. Your narrative might be the piece that completes a grand puzzle, the spark that ignites sweeping change, or the voice amplifying the unheard.

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Do you possess knowledge that the world deserves to know? Have you stumbled upon something that demands attention? Here at The Islamic Information, we’re committed to unearthing impactful stories – the stories that resonate, the stories that ignite change. And now, you hold the key to unraveling these narratives.

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Some of our most profound stories sprout from tips provided by people like you. Your first-hand experience, coupled with tangible proof, can set the stage for revelations that can’t be disregarded.

Guidelines for Sharing Your Tip

  1. Subject Line: Summarize your tip’s essence within the subject line. This offers us a glimpse into the core of your submission.
  2. Attach Evidence: Bolster your tip with substantiating evidence. We can solely consider tips accompanied by corroborative documentation.
  3. Details: Furnish us with the intricacies of your tip. The more insight you provide, the better equipped we are to gauge the gravity of your submission.

Tips without evidence won’t be treated as credible. We place a high value on authenticity and trustworthiness.

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e.g. Muslim man are being descriminated at my work place.
NOTE: Use a service like temp-file.org to upload your files for 3 days, so we can look at the evidence to initiate writing a news article on it.

By sharing your tip, you’re contributing to a world that’s more informed and awakened. Join hands with us on our quest to cast light on narratives of consequence, all while keeping your identity anonymous.

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