Things To Do Before, After and During Hajj – With Duas and Prayers

Things To Do Before After and During Hajj - With Duas and Prayers

Hajj is one of the biggest dreams of every Muslims’ life, and today we will talk about the step-by-step guide to hajj and things to do and duas to pray.

This guide will help you to get to know how to do hajj completely, without missing a single thing. After this guide, you will know the things you should follow up on, and duas, and all the other things. This guide will be very helpful if it is your first time, this will be an accurate pathway to all of your journey.

Types of Hajj

  • Hajj Tamattu

Performing Umrah then Hajj.

  • Hajj Ifrad

Performing Hajj only.

  • Hajj Qiran

Performing Umrah and Hajj together.

Things To Do Before Hajj

  1. Your Hajj money should be earned Halal way.
  2. All your Debts should be paid off before leaving for Hajj.
  3. Get Vaccinations before leaving, so you will not get sick or get any virus.
  4. Buy an Ihraam.
  5. Get a pocket Quran
  6. Meet your friends and family and try to patch up with the ones you had fought or had any kind of misunderstanding.
  7. Trim Nails, Beard hair, and Private parts hair.
  8. Do not publicize your Hajj.
  9. Get basic medicines with you.
  10. And basic daily life stuff.
  11. Seek Allah’s forgiveness and mercy.

Duas To Pray Before Hajj

dua after ghusl
Dua After Wearing Ihram

NOTE: Pray two Rakat Salat after wearing Ihram.

Dua Before Leaving House
Duas To Pray Before Hajj

All Hajj Steps

Step by Step complete Hajj guide – How to perform Hajj;

1st Step: Tawaf

  • 7 Anti-clockwise rounds around the Kaaba.
  • The round will start from Black Stone.
  • Touch the black stone, if possible, kiss it.

2nd Step: Maqam Ibrahimi

  • Pray 2 Rakat Salah at Maqam Ibrahimi.

3rd Step: Perform Sai’

Dua When You Are Going To Do Sai
Dua on top of mount Safa
  • Walking fast 7 times between Safa and Marwah

4th Step: Talbiyah

  • Recite it as much as you can

5th Step: Going to Mina

  • Arrive there on 8th Dhul Hijjah.
  • Reach Mina before Dhuhr prayer.
  • Recite all your prayers starting from Dhuhr prayer.
  • Stay at Mina for a single Night.
  • After staying a night, the pilgrim should pray Fajr and leave Mina before sunrise on the 9th  Dhul Hijjah.

6th Step: Head towards Arafah

arafah dua
  • Ask for Allah’s mercy, as this is the place where we all will be answerable to Allah on the day of judgment.
  • After settling, offer the shortened salah Qasr, Duhr, and Asr. (Like pray 2 Rakaats instead of 4)
  • Two prayers are offered at the same time. Duhur and Asr should be prayed at the same time.
  • Stay in Arafah, until sunset.
  • Utilize your entire time by reading the Quran and making dua.
  • After sunset, leave for Muzdalifa.

7th Step: Head towards Muzdalifa

  • After leaving from Arafah after the sunset, stay overnight at Muzdalifa.
  • Spend the 10th Dhul Hijjah night here.
  • Perform Maghrib and Esha prayers.
  • Sleep and rest there until Fajr prayer.
  • Offer Fajr prayer and leave towards Mina again before sunrise.

8th Step: Back to Mina

  • Throw collected Peebles at Jamrat al-Kubra (Jamrat al-Aqabah) before mId-day.
  • The Peebles you throw should touch Jamrat’s fence.
  • Recite Takbir (Allah Hu Akber) on each Peebles you throw.

9th Step: Sacrifice an Animal

  • The animal can be Sheep, Goat, Cow or Camel.
  • This is a requirement for people doing Hajj al-Tamattu or Hajj al-Qiran.
  • 1/3rd of the meat should be distributed among poor people.

10th Step: Trimming Hair

  • For men, they have to go bald after sacrificing an Animal.
  • For women, they have to cut, a Finger Nail length of hair.
  • Now, Pilgrim can change into everyday clothes.

11th Step: Celebrate Eid Al Adha

12th Step: Heading Back To Makkah

  • Perform the Final Tawaf, also known as Tawaf al-Ifadah.
  • For women, if you’re on a menstruating period, they should not make Tawaf until it is gone.
  • Perform it after taking off Ihram.

13th Step: Praying At Maqam Ibrahim

  • 2 Rakats praying.

14th Step: Drinking Zamzam Water

Dua when drinking Zamzam water
  • After Tawaf al-Ifadah, the pilgrims should drink Zamzam water while standing and recite the dua given below.

15th Step: Performing Sai’ Again

  • Performing it is compulsory.

16th Step: Heading to Mina

  • Pilgrim stay in Mina for 12th or 13th of Thul-Hijja.
  • Pilgrims pray all their Salats shortened.

17th Step: Stunning The Devil At Jamrah

  • Stoning at Three Jamrahs, Small, Middle, and the big one for three consecutive days.
  • Stay in Mina from Fajr until Midnight.

18th Step: Hajj Completed!

  • Your Hajj has completed, you can stay if you want but if you want to leave, leave before Maghrib prayers.

Duas To Pray During Hajj

Say this prayer as much as you can;

Dua For Entering Masjid Al Haram
Dua of the First Tawaf Round
Dua of the Second Tawaf Round
Dua of the Third Tawaf Round
Dua of the Fourth Tawaf Round
Dua of the Fifth Tawaf Round
Dua of the Sixth Tawaf Round
Dua of the Seventh Tawaf Round

Things To After Hajj

  • Be good to people, do not be proud or feel superior just because you have completed the Hajj.
  • Make dua continuously to Allah that may he accepts your Hajj.
  • Keep praying.
  • Be clean from all the filth of this world, as after Hajj one becomes pure as a newly born baby.
  • Try to transfer the knowledge you learned on your trip to Makkah to your friends and family so that they get the motivation for performing the Hajj next year.
  • Try to widen the circle of Dawah (Islamic Preaching) to make more walk on the path of Allah.
  • Bring copies of Quran and gift them to the people to motivate them to read them.

Facts About Hajj

  • This should be performed at least once in life.
  • Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam.
  • Muhammad (PBUH) had performed only one Hajj in his lifetime.
  • Kiswa of Kaaba changes during Hajj.
  • First Hajj was performed in 7 AH (629 CE).

We really hope that this guide must have gained your knowledge. If you think that there is something we have missed, do not hesitate to message us through our Facebook as well as you can also reach us through email on ([email protected]).

May Allah SWT accepts all our prayers, and pray for those who can not make it this year, may Allah calls them to his house them very soon.

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