6 Things That A Muslim Can Not Do After Wearing Ihram

Things you can’t do when you’re wearing Ihram.
6 Things That A Muslim Can Not Do After Wearing Ihram

Ihram is one of the things that is mandatory while performing Hajj and Umrah. So today Islamic Information will tell you the 6 things that a Muslim can not do while wearing Ihram.

Kindly do not do these things once you’re wearing ihram;

1. Shaving Your Hair

This is to clear that Shaving hair does not mean shaving head, it means that a person can not shave any of the body hair as it is prohibited as per the Quran. it is not only Hair, one can not even cut nails or pull out the teeth.

trim hair during ihram

2. Applying Perfume

Never use perfume, as well as do not even use soap or shampoo if it has some fragrance or perfume in it. Furthermore, one can not even put Kohl in the eyes and not even Oil.

applying perfume during ihram

3. Having Intercourse

It is not allowed to mate with wife and one can not even do hand practice

intercourse during ihram

4. Sexual Arousal or Getting Married

A person should never touch his wife (In a mating manner) if he or she is in Ihram. You are not allowed to look at other women and look at explicit content.

Furthermore, a person can not even send a marriage proposal in the state of being in Ihram.

5. Hunting During Ihram

You can’t kill any animal when in ihram. It is stated clearly in the Quran. Meanwhile, Killing Scorpio and Snake are allowed.

ihram hunting during

6. Exclusive Prohibitions for Male and Female

For Men:

A man can not wear shirts or anything or any garment that is sewn. One has to be in Ihram.

For Women:

Women can not wear Niqab in a normal way. They can not cover their face in a way that touches her face. There are special types of niqaabs are available for women wearing ihram.

If anyone has made any mistake then Allah has made it easier for those Men and Women to pay a Penalty.

panelty ihram

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