Why Should Muslim Married Couples Keep Marital Privacy?

Muslim Married Couples Keep Marital Privacy
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Marital Privacy is important for all Muslim couples, as it is something that all couples should do. 

As described by the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h), marriage is “the completion of half of our deen,” which illustrates how beautiful this relationship is in Islam. Marriage is a gift of The Almighty and a lifetime adventurous commitment with ups and downs.

Marriage is, however, paradoxically a strong yet fragile relationship, that can break by just a few words. Hence, to maintain a lasting bond, both partners need to put in the effort, time, understanding, and, most importantly, privacy. Here are the reasons why it is important to maintain to do so:

Because Allah does not allow it!

Today it is quite common to see people narrating the details of their marital privacy to parents and friends. These include not only sexual experiences, spouses’ fertility issues, menstruating wives but also home matters like husband’s salary, savings, travel budget, daily fights, etc.

Muslims need to remember Marriage is sacred and such events should be kept a secret is not only on moral grounds and it is prohibited by Islam but, at least, for respect towards his or her partner. Another thing that should be kept in mind is that the evil eye does exist. By showing affection for your spouse, not everyone will be happy.

Because Allah ordered married couples to be the shield of each other

Allah has commanded couples to protect each other: from intimate parts and secrets to moral, financial, or emotional support. To stand difficulties and afflictions, it is crucial to provide support to the partner who needs it so that both (and the family) come out victorious.

If the privacy of a relationship is broken, then no wonder that the trust is also broken which would result in the worst-case scenario, which Allah hates.

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