6 Things of Muhammad (PBUH) Makes Him A Great Reformist Of All Time

6 Things of Muhammad (PBUH) Makes Him A Great Reformist Of All Time

Reformist is a person who speaks up against the flaws and makes changes to improve the practices to make it more equal for all the mankind.

Muhammad (PBUH) was one of the greatest reformists in the history of the world. From women rights to slave rights, everything has been described very clearly.

1. The Truthful and Trustworthy

  • He never spoke a lie.
  • He always stood for righteous.
  • He never engaged himself in immoral activities.
  • Always endorsed for his credibility and honesty.

2. Careful Toward Others

  • Compassionate to the poor.
  • Always led from the front.
  • Always adapted good manners.
  • Never hurt the sentiments of others.

3. Stood For The Worker’s Rights

  • Equally treated the servants.
  • Always highly regarded his servants.
  • Emphasized on treating servants fairly.
  • Never had harsh behavior with workers.

4. Stood For The Animal Rights

  • Urged for treating and Animals and Birds fairly.
  • Urged slaughtering Animals with great care.
  • Disliked slaughtering one Animal in front of other animals.

5. Revolutionized Women Rights

  • Raised the status of Wives.
  • Commanded the social justice to Women.
  • Told people to show great care to the Daughters.
  • Defined property rights and prohibited use of power on Women.

6. Defined Battle Rules

  • Never opted for destruction.
  • Never tortured the prisoners of War.
  • Chose wars as the last resort to solve the conflicts.
  • Always tried to solve the conflicts with the negotiation first.
  • Ordered the warriors not to hurt; Kids, Women, Children, Elders and Sick people.

These things make him a great Reformist of all time, SubhanAllah!

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