10 Islamic Instagram Accounts Every Muslim Should Follow

Islamic Instagram Accounts

Islamic Instagram Accounts are one of the most important factors that are adding value to Instagram. As per the statistics, there are millions of active Muslim users sharing their photos on Instagram daily.

10. lifeofmyhear

A Muslim artist, doing calligraphy mostly of Rumi’s sayings. And has been featured on a number of websites.

9. dailyislamicreminder

The best thing to get on your timeline, you will get daily reminders.

8. muslim.dailyFollow

Random Islamic pictures from all around the world, This page is being made to get donations for needy Muslims around the world.

7. muslimgirl

An Islamic Instagram account solely dedicated to the sisters all around the world. Sharing the posts as per Muslim girls’ perspective.

6. zahraanwr

She is creating amazing Islamic content and her quotes are also being shared by The Prophet’s Path page as well.

5. islamicthinking

Islamic Thinking is one of the leading Islamic Facebook pages, and can be seen now on Instagram as well. They have been striving to spread Islam on a larger scale.

4. islambook

Islamic book is solely dedicated to the duas and the illustration of Islamic pictures.

3. TheIslamicInformation

Official Instagram of this website (TheIslamicInformation.com) and its Facebook page, Alhamdullilah it influence millions of Muslims around the world. started with just 50 people now I reach at least 8 million people every week!, FOLLOW US!

2. islamic_teachings

It is yet another growing Islamic Instagram account Influencing a lot of followers.

1. quransayings

A place where you will get daily reminders and Islamic images from all around the world. This account tops the list of the must-follow Islamic Instagram Accounts as it has been influencing a great number of people on Instagram.

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