As Per Islam, These Are The 8 Ways To Keep Your Wife Happy!

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The wife is the most important part of a Husband’s life. Keeping her happy is one of the things which a husband should do.

These are the 8 Islamic ways to keep your wife happy;

1. Be Generous and Kind Towards Your Wife

Our beloved Muhammad (PBUH) had treated his wives, so treat your wife kindly and do justice between your mother and her.

2. Listen To Her Carefully!

We know husbands are always occupied in office work, but giving few minutes of attention to your wife can give her a lot of happiness and it helps in building up love for her husband.

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3. Make Her Feel Happy And Secure

Man are the maintainers of women, this is taken from Quran. Which states that you should have “Ghairah” and should make her feel safe in your arms.

4. Do Not Take Her For Granted

Never take her for granted, she is not your maid! She is a human being with feelings, a husband should show respect to her.

5. Ignore Her Mistakes and Focus On The Good Things in Her

Constantly picking up bad stuff can end up ending your marriage, which is the most disliked act in front of Allah! Try to ignore her mistakes, protect her in public and correct her in private.

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6. Always Pray for Her!

Do not ever forget to pray for her happiness in your salah. Pray for her good health, as she takes care of your house.

7. Help Her In Household Works and Give Her Gifts

We know it’s tiring to do the same work again and again, which your wife does every day! Try to help her out to show that you care for her.

8. Praise Her Infront Of Others

Praising her in front of others will not just make her happy, but it will build up her respect for you.

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