This Is The Proper Way Of Eating As Per Sunnah, A Must Watch!

This Is The Proper Way Of Eating As Per Sunnah

Eating styles is one of the things that describe your personality, the more decent it will be the greater your personality will be. If you are eating in a bad way, it will leave a great negative impact on the perception of yours in the eyes of others.

Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) has taught us the way of living, his life is totally based on the Quran. He even taught the way of eating. This video below you are going to watch will tell you what is the way of eating as per sunnah.

We take everything so lightly, including our eating habits, which we do not focus on. We continuously do things that are not ethical and can harm ourselves in millions of ways, just like we are using Toothbrushes instead of Miswak, although our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has told that it has a lot of benefits and it was also reported that it is being sold as a natural toothbrush and they are using Miswak instead of Toothbrush! can you believe it! A Non-Muslim country using Miswak, but not the Tooth Brush!

Same as that, Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also taught us about eating our food, how much to each, what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat! everything is well described in the Hadiths of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

We at The Islamic Information, presenting you a video which is a brief summary of what Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has to say about eating, and what does the Sunnah of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) say about this.

Watch The Proper Way Of Eating As Per Sunnah:

Make sure you spread this noble message with all of your friends so they would know the real way of eating as per the sunnah of Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
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