Islamic Views On Verbal Abusing Your Own Children And Hitting Them

verbal abusing chilren hitting

Abusing is not acceptable whether is Verbal or Physical. And when it is your own children or someone else’s children it is strictly prohibited within the boundaries of Islam.

Children are the most beautiful creation in the world. If you have the child then you are one of the blessed people. Children are innocent, they adopt all those things which you teach them in their growing age or they will be exactly like your behavior.

Most of the parents don’t think that their marital problems and arguments with their spouse will badly affect their child’s mental health. Now a day all many desi parents are so frustrated and they just treated their children like an animal. They abuse them physically by physical punishments, mentally abuse by abusive words. Their frustration and anger to an end to children.

Children are the flower of heaven we have to grow them with proper care and love. Our Prophet (PBUH) was too kind to children. His life gave us a huge example that how to treat a child.

muhammad hadith treating people

Home is the first place of learning if you treat them wisely, then you will grow an amazing leader for the country in the near future. You should not make a comparison between our children. Every child has its own nature and thinking capacity, some are sensitive and some are strong enough to face problems so we just handle them according to their expertise and nature.

Muhammad prophet about children hadith

Now abusing the child is increasing and the reason is the comparison of our child with children of others. We cannot make a great person with this behavior. If this will continue for more time then it will destroy the future talent.

muhammad prophet about pity

So, we should be very kind to children so that they can learn and grow in a comfortable environment.

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