6 Important Things To Know Inside Kaaba

things inside kaaba

Ever wondered about knowing about things inside Kaaba? We will walk you through everything inside it.


Although every Muslim on earth certainly knows about the Holy Kaaba, only those who are lucky to be able to perform Hajj, Umrah, or prayers at Masjid al-Haram can see it directly, and very few people can actually enter the cube-shaped building and see what’s inside of it.

Here are the important things inside Kaaba that we should know as Muslims.

1. Key of Kaaba

Did you know that the holder of the key to the Kaaba has been chosen by Allah SWT since time immemorial?

key of kaaba holder

In the year of the conquest of Makah, precisely in the year 8, Hijri, the Prophet Muhammad entrusted the key to the Kaabah to Uthman Bin Abi Talha, who was a descendant of the Shaibi family who had also guarded the key before the entry of Islam into the world. The key, which is made of metal and is 35 centimeters long, was then kept for generations by the Shaibi family to this day.

2. Marble Box inside the Kaaba

There are not many things in the Kaabah. One of the items inside is a marble box which is located to the right of the door of the Kaabah.

Marble Box inside the Kaaba

The box is used to store oils and perfumes that are used to wash and clean the inside of the Kaaba.

3. Door inside Kaaba

To the north of the Kaaba, there is a door called the “Door of Tawbah” which is made of selected wood and covered with engraved gold and silver.

Door inside Kaaba roof Door of Tawbah

Although it is not the main door, it has stairs leading to the Kaaba’s roof.

4. Prophet Muhammad’s Prayer Place Inside Kaaba

When you enter the Kaabah, you will see a unique pattern resembling a sajdah (prayer rug)  on the floor of the Kaaba.

Prophet Muhammad Prayer Place Inside Kaaba 1
Prophet Muhammad Prayer Place Inside Kaaba 2
Prophet Muhammad Prayer Place Inside Kaaba 3

It was the place of prayer of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH when he entered the holy Kaaba when Makkah was conquered.

5. Al-Multazam

Al-Multazam is the designation for the area that is in the middle between the left side of the Kaabah door and Hajr Al-Aswad.

Al Multazam inside kaaba
Al Multazam outside

Ibn Abbas RA narrated that Al-Multazam is a place where supplications are answered.

6. Hangings Inside Kaaba

For decoration, these oil lamps and vessels are made. Incense and perfume are sometimes found in them.

hangings inside kaaba

Kings, Sultans, and rulers of history gave many of these “old oil lamps and artifacts” as gifts.

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