5 Women Rights Given By Islam Before Any Other Society

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women rights islam

Islam has always empowered Women in every possible way. These are the 5 Women rights granted by Islam before any other society and religion. Islam had given all the Women rights 1,400 years ago which the western women got in last century.

1. Women can Earn

Women can Earn

There is no restriction on women when it comes to earning from doing a respectable job. It’s totally up to her, wherever she spends her money, it’s totally her concern except on Haram things. Example, Hazrat Khadeeja (RA), who was a businesswoman, an independent woman, and the wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) she used to earn from her business of Trade.

2. Women are free to get Education

Women are free to get Education

Emphasis on education is always been Islam’s first priority because the first world revealed to Muhammad (PBUH) was “Iqra” which means to “Read“. The world’s oldest University is located in Morocco, which was built on the order from Fatima al-Fihri in 859 CE.

3. Women can own Property and Wealth

Women can own Property and Wealth

A woman can earn money and can spend it wherever she wants. In Quran, Allah has ordered men to look after their wife and family (Financially and emotionally) but women are completely independent of this restriction, they can spend their money wherever they want. And all of this happened 1400 years ago! meanwhile, America nodded on the idea of women having wealth or property in the late 1800s.

4. Women can Vote

Women can Vote

In Islam, women have always been politically active. There are many women in Islam who considered as the epitome of Women leadership in the ancient arab era. And all of it has been discussed in Quran. Meanwhile, America gave their women right to vote in the 1920s.

5. Women can be Modest

Women can be Modest

The reason Muslim women do Hijab is to make themselves feel safer from the eye of a stranger. As Asma Shah wrote, “I cover my head to make myself feel secure and I do hijab as a form of worship”. Islam has been flexible for all the mankind. She further writes, “Hijab is for the happiness of God, and God alone.” Muslim women feel happy in what they do, as compared to western society. Women are more secure in Islam, than in any other society.


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