Is Wearing Ring or Chain Haram or Halal in Islam – Gold/Silver

Is Wearing Ring or Chain Haram or Halal in Islam Gold Silver

Is wearing a Gold or Silver Ring or chain allowed in Islam? Is it considered Haram or Halal as per Islamic teachings?

Wearing Rings Allowed in Islam?

Normally, yes. Yet there are some caveats, such as gold ring not permissible for males to wear, people shouldn’t wear jewelry for show off purpose. It is totally not right to wear the rings comprising the name of the Qur’an or Allah on them. Also, we shouldn’t wear jewelry items with a thought to stay safe from evil. Wedding rings are fine to wear and also arent a bid’ ah, as per a few people. However, it is a cultural symbol of being committed to the spouse. 

Is Wearing Gold Ring for Men Allowed in Islam?

Wearing gold for men is widely regarded as forbidden in Islam.

Generally, Muslims are not much advised to carry the name of Allah (SWT).

The reason behind this idea is because it turns out disrespectful to go into the bathroom with the name of Allah.

As a solution, people can remove their rings before going to the bathroom, however, it is better to avoid the scenario overall.

Besides, people easily and unintentionally start believing that by wearing the jewelry, engraved with Allah’s name or a verse from the Qur’an, would protect them from the evil.

Such belief stands closer to doing shirk. None of the jewelry items, amulets, or clothing can secure you. 

Just Allah (SWT) is able to.

Wearing the name Allah’s name pendant

A consecutive caveat states that don’t boast or show pride with the jewelry.

You can wear the items of jewelry, which includes the rings, as you prefer them or you think they are pretty. 

Don’t be proud of it

However, take care of the fact that your heart is clear from the wrong intentions; show off, etc.

You can wear a ring because you like it, not to envy other people with the help of it.

Are wedding rings permissible in islam?

Wearing the wedding ring can become a bid’ ah if people start to believe it as a necessity from their Islamic wedding ceremony, or that we are required to wear it for marriage binding purpose.

But believing it as a cultural practice only won’t create bid’ ah. A lot of times, it is encouraged.

In accordance with the consensus of the imams, silver rings are permissible as it is reported that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to wear a ring of silver and his companions also wore.

It is different from the rings of gold, which aren’t allowed as per the guidance of the four imams.

As was reported, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) didn’t permit wearing it.  

Concerning the silver rings, no general statement of denial is present and no one can say that it isn’t permitted if they don’t have any Shar’i evidence maintained with them.

Can Men Wear Rings and Chains? Gold and Silver

When talking about chains, they are not allowed on men, as it animated women, and no such report is present which permits that man can wear chains that are made up of silver.

Another animation of women is wearing adornments on the neck, ears as well as on the wrist. Because this is made only for women. Hence, not permissible for men to wear anklets, chains, bracelets, or earrings.

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