10 Important Duas From The Holy Quran You Should Know

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Holy Quran is a complete code of conduct for the Muslims living their lives, it is the world of ALLAH (SWT) which gives us light and guidance.

We talked about the Facts of Quran in one of our recent posts, as well as told the important instructions given by Allah to the mankind in the Holy Quran. Today, we will be summing up the ten Duas from the Quran, which will be very helpful for your daily life.

1. If you want a Good Spouse/Children

Dua for Good Spouse Children

Most people ask about “How they can get a good Husband or Wife” or anything that can make them conceive children. So, Quran has all the answers to their query.

2. For Allah’s Mercy

dua For Allah's Mercy

Allah is Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem if you think you have every committed a sin, no matter how big it is, make sure you seek his refuge, so you can live peacefully under the shade of his blessings.

3. For Finding Out The Truth

dua For Finding Out The Truth

You may come to a place in life where everything is uncertain, especially when you have to make a tough decision ever in your life, this dua is perfect for that situation.

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4. Asking Allah To Make You A Righteous Person

dua for Asking Allah To Make You A Righteous Person

Earning Jannah is not an easy task, continuously asking Allah to make you among the righteous person as well as making an effort to be a better person can make all of this happen.

5. Purification

dua Asking For Purification

In this era, we are surrounded by the dirt like vulgarity and nudity and interest. And somehow all of us are the victims of these dirty things, asking Allah to make you pure will help you eradicated the useless thoughts coming in your head.

6. Strengthening your Imaan

Dua Strengthening your Imaan

Duniya is full of temptations and Haram things, and Satan is free, violating our soules. We have to protect our Imaan, and for that cause, we need to seek Allah’s help by reciting this dua.

7. Asking For Easiness When Facing Hardship

dua Asking For Easiness When Facing Hardship

We blogged about Duas to recite while facing the stress, sadness, and trouble. But this is also a great dua which you can recite to make your troubles go away.

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8. Seeking Allah’s Forgiveness

dua Asking For Forgiveness

No matter how good you think you are, always seek Allah’s forgiveness. When Umar (RA) was dying, he was continuously seeking Allah’s forgiveness. Although Prophet (PBUH) had given him highest rank, still he sought Allah’s forgiveness.

9. Dua for Patience

dua For Patience And Endurance

All of us are hasty in making decision or doing any work, we do not have patience, while Allah loves the Patient People as the verse in Quran goes “Allah is with the people who do Sabr”

10. Dua For AfterLife

dua Protection From Fire In Hereafter

All Muslims believe that all of us have to die and we will be gathering on the day of Judgment in front of Allah with all the Good and bad deeds we have done in the life.


There is no specific time for reciting these Duas, you can recite them anytime you want. Reciting after each Salah will be fruitful. JazakAllah

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