99 Important Instructions That Allah Has Given Through The Holy Quran

important instructions allah quran

Instructions from Allah has always guided us to the right path. These are the 99 important instructions that Allah has given to us in Quran.

Quran is comprised of the words of Allah, which was revealed to our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and had been compiled by Uthman Ibn Affan (RA) later on. Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) spent his whole life according to the Quran and showed the mankind that if one will follow the guidance from Allah, he will give that person from the places where he can never think of.

A person, who read holy Quran even if just a line in a day, he will be getting a lot of reward in on the judgment day as he is taking out time to learn and read Allah’s words. On every character you read in a line of Holy Quran you will get the immense reward in this world as well as on the judgment day, you can even recite it for your loved ones who are not in this world anymore and reciting it will make their way easier to their graves.

Quran is the medium which Allah use to communicated with his people. There are many instructions given in Quran which helps us to learn the reality as well as teaches that how to deal with the different situations you face in life. In a recent post, we talked about Duas to cure the Stress, Depress, on and Sadness, which was indeed a great guidance for us to cure our illnesses through these duas. Similarly, the video which you are going to watch will be having 99 direct important instructions given to the mankind by Almighty Allah in the Quran.

Watch these 99 Important Instructions from Allah given through Quran!

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