9 Must Follow Fasting Tips For The Month Of Ramadan!

Fasting Tips For The Month Of Ramadan

Ramadan is one of the most important and highly rewarded Islamic months, holding a great value for all the Muslims around the world!

1. Stay Hydrated

Make sure you drink plenty of water which is always important but when you are fasting. It is something you need to pay extra attention to. When you do not eat, you miss out on the water in foods, so you need to be drinking more fluids than you usually do to compensate for this.

In addition to this, drinking plenty of fluids helps you to feel full during the periods of fasting and reduces your craving for food.

2. Avoid Temptations

Being around tempting food makes fasting unnecessarily difficult. The look and the smell of these foods will set your off appetite and make you crave them!

Therefore, make sure your stay away from the places where tempting foods may be offered during the days and times that you fast.

3. Chose Your Best Days

During the week you are going to have busy days where you hardly have a moment to spare and quiet days where you have no commitments and a lot of free time. These days are much more suitable for fasting, such as the month of Ramadan, so make sure you fast in this month.

4. Get Enough Sleep

A number of studies have shown that getting a good night’s sleep suppresses your appetite and keeps your hunger cravings under control. While this is important at all time, it’s extra important when you are going without food, so you should make it a priority to get at least six hours of quality sleep the night before fasting.

5. Make Use Of The Free Time

When you fast you create free time in your schedule during the slots where you would usually be eating. This spear time is a perfect opportunity to do such as reading, reciting Quran or anything you like. By using the free time in this way you will not just feel happier but you will feel fit and motivated to fast.

6. Spend Some Time Outside

Natural sunlight cleanses your blood and enhances the detox effects of fasting. The sun rays also boost your mood and your energy levels. By spending some time outside on the days you fast, you can enjoy these benefits and make your Ramadan experience much better.

7. Do Some Light Exercise

Doing a large amount of intense exercise when you’re fasting is not a good idea as your body will not have the fuel it needs to perform efficiently. However, a small amount of light exercise can enhance your circulation your energy levels and your mood. And keeps you refreshing as you fast.

 8. Take Time To Relax

Rest and relaxation are something you should be making time for every day. However, if you are operating on fewer calories, it’s extra important. Therefore, on the day you fast, try to avoid any stressful situation and spend as much time to relax.

9. Reward Yourself

These rewards can be big or small, some good reward ideas are to get yourself the meal you love to eat. Or anything, such as a new outfit or anything. Reward yourself after doing the activities you vow.

Have a Blessed Ramadan!

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