Scientists Proved Muhammad PBUH’s Night Journey Scientifically

Scientists Proved Muhammad PBUH's Night journey Scientifically

Night Journey by Muhammad PBUH is a famous event in Islamic History and now Western scientists have proved this event and believe in it.

Isra and Miraj is also known as The Night Journey which we have discussed in our blog post if you want to get into details you might want to read it.

That is why Islam is the fastest-spread religion throughout the world. Most people who accept Islam are the most educated people.

People speaking against Islam are either ignorant or believe that Islam is the true religion and if the people understand this, their shops will be closed.

Such people spend a lot of money to keep the Muslims first and then to keep people ignorant our bad luck is that such forces do not have to work hard to impose the ignorant leader over Muslims.

This video is the scientific proof of the Night Journey

In a couple of refrains, the Qur’an portrays what present-day science has found out about dark openings up until now: they are limited, pipe-molded, and can’t be watched specifically. The Qur’an makes things one stride advance by affirming they likewise go about as an entry to another universe. Watch to discover what science needs to say regarding that.

Allah blesses the Muslims to be blessed.

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