This Hairstyle Is Haram (Forbidden) In Islam – Find Out Why!

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Hairstyle, usually taken as granted as we think it is not the part of Islam, but Hairstyle is a part of Islam and this is why this hairstyle is HARAM!

We recently talked about the major Haram things in Islam as well as the destructive things identified by our Muhammad Prophet (PBUH).

If your hair cut matches the guys in these pictures then it is surely not a good sign as it is HARAM! Men and ladies alike have enjoyed the demonstration of shaving some portion of the head and leaving some portion of it rough looking to style.

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As per Muhammad (PBUH) ruling, this act is forbidden in Islam. It is Narrated from Al-Bukhaari (5921) and Muslim (2120), that Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) Prohibited Al-Qaza.

What is Al-Qaza Haistyle?

It means shaving the side of your head while leaving the middle (top) of your head.

al qaza hairstyle hadith

1. Shaving the parts of your hair and leaving the middle untouched

Zaid Ali
Photo: Pinterest

2. Shaving the back and leaving the front

Amir Khan Boxer

3. This trend is very common in the media industry


4. It is also endorsed by Hollywood actors

brad pitt HAIR CUT

5. and the Music industry

geasy haircut

6. Mostly Footballers

ronaldo hair cut

7. Also Adapted by the Muslim Figures around the world

haram harstyles muslims

Spread the knowledge To The Muslims Who Do Not Know And Believe That This Is Merely A Haircut

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Imran Nasrullah

Worry about the big things like treating people justly, honoring your parents, treating people civilly, respecting others (and their beliefs), bettering yourself, never stop educating yourself, seek reasonableness (the middle road), serving humanity, helping the poor. Stop living in minutiae that is frankly so remote to the big things as to be irrelevant. And you can roll your pants back down, too.




SubhanAllah brother – inshAllah you are on the right path! I believe like you – THE BIG THINGS!!


Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. Nice comment brother. Whatever you have written is absolutely correct. But that comes under the purview of the rights of the fellow human beings or in arabic called Haqooq Al Ibad. But here the top is different. Someone has put a question to the intellectuals and they have replied giving references of the Hadees from the authentic books of Bukhari and Muslim. So your argument is somewhat out of place. Our prophet May Allah’s Peace and blessing be upon him has guided us on every big and small matter. I do not want to… Read more »

Muhammad Umer Shaikh

Assalam o Alaikum. Mr. Imran Nasrullah, there are a number of things you have overlooked as suggested by your comment. Firstly, what you did mention was to “never stop educating ourselves” and this is exactly what this article helps us achieve. The fact that you cant be the closest to sirat-e-mustaqeem does not mean that you do not even have knowledge of the perfect standard. Secondly, A believer can do all that he finds ease in to be near to his lord, that can be wearing a topi, or performing miswak or even the right hairstyle. As all these things… Read more »

Usman Yakubu

Everything is to be worried about all together. Either small and major sin. I wouldn’t like to be burried with such a haircut so do you. So, let’s accept the fact. Especially, if you are given a prove from the Qur’an or hadîth. Thanks

Ali muzaffar

Why is it haraam what’s the reason

Rao Zeeshan

Brother, whatabout trimming? I mean if the side and back hair are trimmed by a trimming machine and not shaved while having a slight cutting of the top hair, is it also haram?

Robert Hannah

If we fuss too much about how people eat, dress, and groom, we lose sight of the important things, which are ethics and how we treat others.


What If I i shave a little on the sides and I shave a little bit less on the top ?

Ahmed Hossam

Aslam alykum ,
What If I i shave a little on the sides and I shave a little bit less on the top ?

Abdulnasir Gemeda



what if one wants to trim to number 1 on the sides


Is it permissible if it’s a 0.5 or a 1 fade.

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