What To Do If You Lose Your Nusuk Card?

Inform the Group leader immediately about the misplaced card. Meanwhile, you can utilize the Nusuk app until you get a new card.
nusuk card

Losing your Nusuk card is not a disaster. You can follow some essential steps to handle the situation in case you have lost your Nusuk card during the pilgrimage journey.

A Nusuk card is an important card that helps you get permits on various sites during the pilgrimage journey. Thus losing this card can lead to many issues.

In case you are on a pilgrimage journey and you lose your card, here are the following actions you must take immediately:

Step 1: Group Leader Should be Informed

The immediate step that should be taken in case your Nusuk card is misplaced is to inform your group leader.

It is important to inform the leader at the earliest to avoid any complications during the spiritual journey. Group leaders can either get you a new card or help you find some alternate way.

Step 2: Get a Digital Card from the Nusuk Application

You can download the Nusuk application on your smartphone and get a digital copy of the card. This action can provide you temporary relief by providing you with the necessary information until you get your new card issued.

Step 3: Inform Security

Security officials can assist you in the best possible way to ensure that your card doesn’t get misused. Thus it is important to inform the security officials regarding the misplaced card.

Step 4: Seek Additional Assistance

You can also reach out to different officials to seek further assistance.

  • Call the Unified Call Center at 1966 for further support and inquiries.
  • For direct support contact Enaya Center. They will assist you with the process of obtaining a new Nusuk card.

Losing your Nusuk Card is not a stressful thing anymore. Handle the situation with calmness and follow the above steps to get back your misplaced card.

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