Malaysian Hajj Pilgrim Passes Away

Abnil Hajar Ismail was a regular mosque goer who passed away last Friday in Makkah.
Abnil Hajar Ismail
Photo: BERNAMApix

The Malaysian pilgrim died in Makkah during the Pilgrimage and was buried in Assyaria Cemetery. The Malaysian Hajj delegation head and the officials guided his wife Sadiah on how to perform the Hajj ritual during Iddah.

Abnil Hajar Ismail, passed away last Friday in the Holy Mosque of Makkah. Abnil was a Malaysian pilgrim who met his end after one of his blood vessels ruptured suddenly.

Hajar was known for his regular attendance at the mosque during all five prayers in a day. Sadia Bakar, his wife and now a widow aged 72 years, recalled her beautiful life with her husband.

She mentioned that Abnil used to go to the mosque regularly and at times she also accompanied her husband on a motorcycle to the local mosque which was located near their residence in Kubang Pasu, Kedah.

abnil hajar ismail
Photo: NSTP/Husain Jahit

Sadia was interviewed by the reporters at the Premium Land Hotel where she informed the media that her husband’s health was completely normal when they were about to leave for the pilgrimage journey. She mentioned that they had a tahlil and doa selamat too as all his children, grandchildren and friends gathered.

Sadiah sadly stated that Abnil complained about nausea, and body acne before he vomited badly in his room on Friday morning. She recalled the time when she last went out together with Abnil on Thursday afternoon.

The couple was happily married for the past 54 years. Sadiah proved herself to be a caring wife as she took extra care of her husband after he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and was getting proper treatment at the the clinic at Maktab 79.

However, Abnil Hajar’s condition deteriorated and he was rushed in emergency to King Fahad Hospital, but she couldn’t accompany him at the last moments.

Sadia and Abnil had four children and after hearing the news of her husband’s death she could not control her reaction while her friends consoled her.

Al-Amin Jaminon, the manager of Maktab 79 mentioned that he met Anbil at the hostel clinic and prayed for his speedy recovery. Al-Amin informed that the deceased was immediately admitted to the red zone of the hospital but left the world within less than five minutes.

Abnil was bathed and buried at Assyaria Cemetery after his Namaz-e-Janaza was offered at Masjid-al-Haram after the Fajar prayers on Saturday, reported Al-Amin.

Sadia was guided by the head of the Malaysian Hajj delegation, Datuk Seri Syed Saleh Syed Abdul Rahman, and the the officials on how to perform Hajj rituals in Idah.

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