Why Kiswa Is Raised Before The Start of Hajj?

Why Kiswa Is Raised At The Start of Dhul Hijjah Hajj

Every year the Kiswa is raised, and the Ihram (white cloth) is being put to mark the start of the Hajj season.

Why is Kiswa raised every year?

kiswa lifting up 2020

The Kiswa is raised to 3 meters yearly to stop the damage to the Kaaba cloth to huge crowds, which aligns during the Hajj season and has become very tough to control the crowd during peak hours.

It is also lifted due to the superstitious beliefs of some pilgrims, who bring scissors to cut the cloth of Kaaba. And some people even try to write their names on it, causing damage to the Kiswa.

Why do they put white cloth around the Kaaba?

Why do they put white cloth around the Kaaba

A white cloth has been put around the Holy Kaaba, which is a sign to start the Hajj season. About a decade ago, the Kiswa was lifted without the white cloth, but in recent years, the management has also begun to put additional while clothing on it.

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