The Holy Kaaba Has Two Roofs (1 Secret You Didn’t Know)

Holy Kaaba Has Two Roofs

Did you know that? An extra roof was constructed to strengthen the Kaaba structure, which has two roofs, the inner and the outer. Two roofs are separated by more than one meter.

The Holy Kaaba is a cube-shaped structure in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It is one of the most sacred places in Islam and has been visited by millions of pilgrims over the centuries.

When you enter the Holy Kaaba and look up at its inner roof, you might think that there’s only one layer to it—and that’s because there is! But how did this happen? Let’s take a look at some history behind this mysterious fact:

The Holy Kaaba has two roofs, an inner one and an outer one.

Kaaba Two Roofs

When we look at the Holy Kaaba, it appears to have one roof

But this is not a natural feature of the building. Prophet Muhammad and his followers added it after he received revelation from God through Angel Gabriel in 622 AD.

When pilgrims enter the Masjid al-Haram, they see the roof is of two layers.

When pilgrims enter the Holy Kaaba, they see the roof is of two layers. The outer layer is covered with Kiswah, made with gold, cloth, and marble. The inner layer consists of wood and silver.

The inner roof and the outer roof are made of wood.

Man inside Kaaba second 2nd roof

The inner roof is made of wood, while the outer roof is made of 49 pieces of teak wood from Burma. Both roofs are fixed with special glue that allows them to be easily removed without damaging their integrity.

The inner roof has been repaired several times in its history.

According to a narration, the inner roof has been repaired over 100 times in its history. The first time this was done was when Muhammad had just returned from his last Hajj pilgrimage, and some of the stones had fallen. It is said that he ordered them to replace it with wood.

This happened again after his death when Umar ibn al-Khattab became Caliph and decided to build a new one entirely out of stainless steel instead of wood because it was more durable than anything else available at that time.

A group of repairmen fixes this inner roof every year

The workers who repair this part of the Kaaba are a group of repairmen who work shifts over several days. They use all their experience and expertise to restore this critical piece to its original state.

This process occurs every year when it begins to rain heavily on Mecca. Some water seeps through cracks in both roofs during those rainy months, causing damage inside where people gather for prayer ceremonies (called Umrah).

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