Kiswah To Be Raised Tonight Ahead of Hajj 2023

The Kaaba Kiswa raise in Hajj 2021 preparation has been postponed

After Isha’s prayer, the black cloth, Kiswa covering the Kaaba will be lifted. Kiswa is hoisted as preparations for the Hajj pilgrimage on Du’ar Hijjah, this December in the Islamic calendar, begin.

Made of high-quality silk and embroidered with Quranic verses with gold thread. Islamic leaders and scholars around the world have preserved parts of the ancient Kiswa, which are rebuilt every year.

Officials from the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah will be on-site during the Kiswa raising ceremony. Kiswa will be lifted onto the Kaaba with the help of a crane. Ropes and nails will be used to secure the kiswa in place.

Watch Kiswa Lifting Ceremony Live

The Kiswa uprising is one of the most important Muslim events of the year. This is a reminder of the importance of the Kaaba and Hajj pilgrimage. Moreover, it is also a sign of unity for Muslims worldwide.

Kiswa raising will be held after 9 PM Mecca time. The live broadcasting will be shown on Saudi television.

This event will be open to the local people. At the event, visitors must pass security checks. Muslim communities around the world celebrate the Kiswa uprising every year. Pilgrimage is an important part of the Islamic faith and a reminder of Muslim unity in the faith.


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