Kiswah To Be Raised Tonight Ahead of Hajj 2022

The Kaaba Kiswa raise in Hajj 2021 preparation has been postponed

The annual practice to raise the Kaaba’s Kiswa in preparation for Hajj has been scheduled for Sunday night June 20, 2022.

The day to raise the Kaaba’s Kiswa in preparation for Hajj is Sunday, 20 Dhul Qadah 1443 AH (20 June 2022) as per schedule.

Hajj 2021 Kiswa 1
Hajj 2021 Kiswa 2

Every year the lower part of the Kaaba’s Kiswa, the black cloth draped on the holy shrine, will be lifted about 3 meters in preparation for the new Hajj season. The exposed part will be covered with a white cotton cloth of about two meters across the four sides by the tailors.

This procedure will be done every year before the Hajj season. This is a precautionary measure to prevent people from damaging the Kiswa. Some pilgrims tend to touch and pull the black cloth when they circumambulate the Kaaba. This is also would maintain the cleanliness and safety of the Kiswa.

Hajj 2021 Kiswa 3
Hajj 2021 Kiswa 4

Not only will it be raised, but Kiswa will also be replaced once a year, precisely on the ninth day of Dhul Hijjah following the steps of Prophet Muhammad and his companions.

Kiswa will be replaced during Hajj when pilgrims are gathering in Arafat Mount to receive worshippers the next morning.

Hajj 2021 Kiswa 5

A report says after the conquest of Makkah in 9 AH, Prophet Muhammad covered the Kaaba in Yemeni clothes as he performed his farewell pilgrimage.

Kiswa is made from raw silk dyed black that weighs about 670 kilograms, 120 kilograms of gold thread, also 100 kilograms of silver thread. The black cloth will be sewn with Quranic verses using gold-plated threads.

Hajj 2021 Kiswa 6

The Saudi government has announced that more than 1 million pilgrims will perform this year’s Hajj. They have also lifted almost every strict requirement for the pilgrims.


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