Preparation of Making Bulletproof Kiswa For Kaaba Has Started

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BulletProof Kiswa is in making to protect the Holy Kaaba from happening any kind of unholy things within the premises of Masjid al-Haram.

Makkah Makramah: The Saudi government has begun preparing for a special initiative to protect Ka’aba from burning fire and bullets or missiles. During the preparation of kiswa al Ka’ba,  the specialist team of Makkah al-Mukaramah started working on adding chemical fiber used for “firewall” to resist fire and bullets.

What is Kiswa ? and Why are they making BulletProof Kiswa?

Kiswah (kiswat al-ka’bah) is the fabric that covers the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is hung yearly on the ninth day of the long stretch of Dhu al-Hijjah, the day pioneers leave for the fields of Mount Arafat amid the Hajj. The term kiswa is Arabic for ‘pall’, the fabric hung over a casket

Consistently, the old Kiswa is evacuated, cut into little pieces, and given to specific people, going to outside Muslim dignitaries and associations. Some of them offer their offer as trinkets of the Hajj. In prior circumstances, Umar al-Khattab would cut it into pieces and convey them among explorers who utilized them as haven from the warmth of Mecca.

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The present cost of making the kiswa signifies SAR 17,000,000 (~4,532,951.01 USD). The cover is 658m2 and is made of 670 kg of silk. The weaving contains 150 kg of gold strings. It involves 47 bits of texture and each piece is 14m long and 101 cm wide. The kiswa is wrapped around the Kaaba and settled to its base with copper rings. The physically made weaving out of the Quranic verses is steadily being upheld by PCs, in this way growing the speed of age.

So that it can be protected from heat fluid, severe temperature, fire, and missiles. Dr. Mohammad Bin Abdullah Bajajudha, Director General of King Abdul Aziz Campus, says the artificial thread included with pure silk fabric made through the latest technique (Nano technology), on the basis of preparation and maintenance of the Kaaba.

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The fibers will be included in the fibers which prevent the Ka’bah from bursting or removing. He said that heat intensities can increase gradually over the next few years, due to this, Kaaba is becoming built and fired fire.

It is clear that the cloth is called bulletproof Kiswa and it is prepared with silk, and it is extracted from verses of Quranic verses from gold and silver wires. Silk Italy used in the manufacture of cavity gold and silver cables come from Germany.

Majid al-Haram had intercepted many unholy things in the past like shotting missiles towards Kaaba etc. To protect one of the most sacred things in the Muslim and Islamic context is the holy duty to perform.

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