Why Did Prophet Muhammad PBUH Migrated From Makkah To Madinah

Why Did Prophet Muhammad PBUH Migrated From Makkah To Madinah

There have been many events that have happened to Muslims and have become important transformations in Islamic history. At the forefront of this event is the migration of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH from Makkah to Madinah which occurred in 622 AD.

Maybe some of us are wondering, why did the Prophet migrate? It is not easy to limit the reasons for the migration of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH to one reason, because the migration of the Prophet has different aspects. However, there are at least two main factors that caused the Prophet to migrate from Makkah to Madinah.

First, the hijrah had to be carried out because the da’wah carried out by the Prophet Muhammad to spread Islam in Makkah continued to be challenged and attacked and even threatened to kill from the Quraysh.

When the da’wah reached a difficult and sad state, Allah SWT ordered the Messenger of Allah to leave Makkah and migrate to Madinah.

The story of the Prophet Muhammad’s migration to Madinah begins with the Prophet’s meeting with the Kharraj and Aus tribes – the two largest tribes in Yathrib (Madinah), who came to perform Hajj in Makkah. This tribe then embraced Islam and established correspondence with the Prophet Muhammad. The result of this correspondence led to the existence of Bait Aqabah I and II. This agreement became a bright spot for the Prophet’s da’wah because many people in Madinah embraced Islam and supported the Prophet’s da’wah. The Prophet’s desire to spread Islamic da’wah outside Makkah and the support of the people of Madinah for the Prophet’s da’wah became the second cause of the Prophet’s migration to Madinah.

After seeing the high enthusiasm of the people of Medina for the da’wah of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad decided to send Mus’ab bin Umair to further spread Islam in Yathrib.

And in the end, the Prophet SAW and his companions decided to emigrate to Madinah. This migration to Yathrib or Madinah is an order from Allah SWT which is stated in the Holy Quran Surah Al Ankabut verse 56.

The hijrah of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his companions opened a new page in the da’wah effort to spread Islam.

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