10 Disobedience of Bani Israel Makes It a Worst Nation

10 disobedience of bani israel makes it a worst nation

Bani Israel is the nation that is again and again mentioned in the Quran because of the blessings of Allah on them and their disobedience to Allah’s order.

The word Israel means Abdullah (the servant of God). This was the title given to Yaqoob (A.S). He was the son of Ishaq (A.S) and grandson of Ibrahim(A.S). His generation is known as Bani Israel. Allah (S.W.T) sent many Prophets to them but every time they ignored and disobeyed the commands of Allah (S.W.T) and thus were punished and cursed.

Their major disobedience were the reasons for their punishments.

1. Killings Prophet of Allah

bani israel surah baqarah
Hafsa Mohammad Hanif

There were many prophets whom their people had killed including dozens of unmentioned prophets, and one of the most well-known murders was the murder of the Prophet Zakaria (AS). The Bani Israel didn’t just kill the prophet Zakaria (AS) but they also killed the Prophet Yahya (AS) who was Zakaria (AS)’s son and they killed him too right after killing his father.

When the people tried to kill the Prophet Jesus (AS) by crucifying him but Allah (SWT) made a miracle to save him by lifting him up to him and bringing a look-a-like of he as a substitute for the crucifixion to save him as mentioned in the Qur’an.

2. Worshipping The Calf

nation of bani israel in quran

Musa (AS) had been gone for forty days and his people were becoming restless, for they did not know that Allah had extended his time by a further ten days. Samiri, a man who was inclined towards evil, suggested that they find themselves another guide, as Musa (AS) had broken his promise. He said to them: “In order to find true guidance, you need a god, and I shall provide one for you.“‘

So he collected all their gold jewelry, dug a hole in which he placed the lot, and lit a huge fire to melt it down. During the casting, he threw a handful of dust, making actions like a magician’s to impress the ignorant. From the molten metal he fashioned a golden calf. It was hollow, and the wind passing through it produced a sound. Since superstition was imbedded in their past, they quickly linked the strange sound to something supernatural, as if it were a living god and accepted it as god.

3. Refused To Accept Torah

al baqarah 2 55

After the calf incident, the Bani Israel refused to accept the Torah as the word of God. Then Musa (AS) talking to Allah, they demanded to see Allah themselves. Allah cursed them and a bolt of lightning occurred that killed them. However, due to the prayer of Hazrat Musa (AS), Allah revived them back as He will do after death.

4. Took Isa (AS) (a.k.a Jesus) As Son Of God

quran 112

The people of Bani Israel took Essa (AS) as son of God (Allah forbid).

messiah quran pinterest mary

5. Taloot’s Warning To Avoid Drinking Water

When Taloot took its army against Jalut he clearly forbade his soldiers not to drink water at the river but the soldiers of Bani Isrel disobeyed the command of Allah and ultimately failed the divine examination.


6. Refused To Enter Jerusalem

People of Bani Israel were ordered to go into Jerusalem and conquer it. The Bani Israel refused to enter saying that the people of Cannan were mighty and strong and they can’t go into it.They were then punished to wander into desert for 40 years.

7. Changing Of Word Hitatunn to Hintatun

Changing Of Word Hitatunn to Hintatun

In the leadership of Joshua Bani Israel fought Cannanites and won. They were ordered toenter the city with their heads bowed and saying Hitatunn (repentance) but instead they called the word Hintatun (wheat) and so they were punished with Plague.

8. Man- O- Salwa

Mann-o-Salwa is a type of food that was gifted to Bani Israel (people of Prophet Musa A.S). When Prophet Musa (AS) was living with six hundred thousand people of Bani Israel in the field of Teeh at that time Prophet Musa (AS) asked Allah Almighty for the meal to fulfill the hunger of people who were with Him. Allah Almighty descended the two heavenly feasts for them from the sky on request of Prophet Musa (AS). One was “Mann” and the other was “Salwa”.

But they refused to be content for one dish and asked for other earthly foods.

mann o salwa in quran

9. Taloot’s Selecion

saul wealth quran

Taloot was poor and from a different lineage therefore, people of Bani Israel refused to accept Him as leader. So Allah gave Ark of covenant to make them accept taloot.

10. Haroot And Maroot

haroot maroot

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