What is Man o Salwa ? And What Does Man and Salwa Include ?

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Man o Salwa is a meal which was gifted to Bani Israel, Bani Israel were the people during the time of Prophet Musa AS. The people of Bani Israel requested Prophet Musa AS to ask Allah for a special meal to fulfill their hunger.

The Quran and Hadith claim that Man o Salwa was presented to the people of Bani Israel.


How does the food Man o Salwa taste?

Muslims have grown up listening to Quranic stories of Bani Israel and how Allah treated them. All of us are aware that Man and Salwa is the food of Jannah that Allah sent for Bani Israel. So here is what it’s tasted like;


Man meaning a type of sweet Man was like dew drops that can be found on trees, plants, and rocks. After that, it is used into sweet honey which they picked up and savor them with. Man used to descend on the as snow descends it is sweeter than honey and whiter than snow.

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Salwa was a kind of Bird, a quail, People used to catch it and turn it into the roasted meat. It was such a blessing to eat the roasted meat of Quail which was indeed a blessing for Bani Israel after Prophet Musa AS prayed to Allah.

Only Allah knows the best how Man and Salwa actually tasted like, as we can not imagine the sweetness more than honey and whiter than milk, as it is above our heads.

Some scholars claim that Man was Honey. And only Allah knows what he had sent to the nation of Bani Israel. There are some saying and narrations on what Man and Salwa were but the words have been changed throughout time. But indeed it was a pure blessing onto Bani Israel.

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As per Quran, the people of Bani Israel were fed up eating the same food over and over again so Allah blesses them with something which he had never sent on any other nation in the past but still, the Bani Israel nation was very unthankful towards Allah.

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