These 7 Deeds Can Save Every Muslim From Hellfire

Deeds Can Save Every Muslim From Hellfire

Hellfire is one of the scariest things which is one of the most talked-about topics in Islamic studies and the Quran and Hadith.

As Muslims, it’s one of the core points on which we must put our faith. One of those faiths also includes believing in judgment day as well as the concept of Hell and Heaven. In Islam, it is clearly stated that whoever declines to follow the path of Allah and his last prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will enter hell while the rest, who follow Allah and his last prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will enter Heaven.

hell fire quran
fire hell quran

Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) has constantly warned the Ummah through his Hadiths about how painful Hell is. Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) has always been afraid of Fire, Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) also taught people the difference between Halal and Haram and taught the Ummah how they can become better Muslims by teaching them direct commands from Allah in the Quran.

We at The Islamic Information compiled a list of 7 deeds proved by different Hadiths of Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) showing how one can save him/herself from hellfire, which is indeed horrible and painful.

1. Believing in Allah (SWT) and his last messenger Muhammad Prophet (PBUH)

hadith about hellfire

2. Being kind to others

heaven and hell hadith

3. Praying on a daily basis

hadith about hell
hadith hell praying

4. Crying in front of Allah

crying allah hadith

5. Fasting (Any day)

fasting islam hadith

6. Giving Charity

charity hadith

7. Seeking Allah’s refuge from Hellfire

hellfire hadith muhammad

These are the authentic hadiths that can be found online as well which indicate how one can save himself or herself from hellfire. Hell is indeed eternal and if one goes into it, then there is no way they are coming out of it. We do great sins just for the pleasure of this World but forget about the permanent thing that starts after our death. Do not forget to share this important information with the circle of your loved ones.

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