Israel Gives 1.1m Gazans to Leave City Within 24 Hours

Around 1 million Gazan citizens were forced to leave their country as Israel took over.
house demaged by Israeli bombing
Photo Credit: Hassan Ammar/AP

GAZA – After Israel plans a ground invasion and cuts off Gaza’s basic necessities, it has called on the citizens of Gaza to relocate within 24 hours, making the situation even more intense.

In the recent turn of events, the conflict between Israel and Hamas took a new turn when the Israeli government ordered around 1 million citizens of Gaza to relocate to the south within 24 hours as they planned the ground invasion.

With around a million casualties and continuous air strikes being launched in Gaza, the United Nations has displayed its concerns about the humanitarian consequences of such a large-scale evacuation. Recently, Israel has reported cutting Gaza’s supply of fuel, water, and electricity, making the situation even more intense.

However, the Israeli Defense Minister gave a call to war, stating ‘now is the time for war’ with the Israeli warplanes making attacks on Gaza in response to the previous Hamas attack.

It has also been reported that hospitals, along with medical supplies, are now facing a severe scarcity of resources like fuel, water, and medical supplies.

The conflict has prompted an international response around the world, with the United States and Japan sending their flights to their citizens in Israel to leave urgently.

The issue has grabbed global attention, with various countries expressing different opinions on this matter. As the conflict between Palestinians and Israel continues for decades, the recent situation underscores the need for urgent peaceful resolution to restore hope for a more stable and peaceful future.

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