What to do if you miss Eid Salah?

What to do if you miss Eid Salah

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We are getting lots of questions people asking what they should do if they miss Eid Salah, So we decided to answer their query in this article.


Eid prayer (whether it is Eid al Fitr or Eid al Adha) are optional prayers, and if you missed it, there is no problem. But, keeping one thing in mind, praying Eid salah is a Sunnah, and praying it will earn you great rewards.

Offering Eid prayers or missing it will not cause anything to your Ramadan fasts. Although, according to some scholars, if you miss Eid salah, then you can pray two rakats at home (Without khutbah) to make up for that.

The important thing that people should worry about is the Sadqa and Zakat, which has to be given before Eid prayer as it is mandatory (fard), giving it is an obligatory act for every Muslim. If other family members in your family are unable to pay, you should pay it for them.

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