Can Pregnant Woman Fast?

This fatwa discusses the potential rulings in Islam regarding obligatory fasts for pregnant woman.
pregnant woman fast
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Fasting is obligatory on a pregnant woman unless she is facing health concerns.

In the name of Allah, the most beneficial and the most forgiving. May peace be upon the last messenger of Islam and his family.

Fasting is one of the pillars of Islam and is compulsory for sound men and women. The act of fasting teaches steadfastness and self-discipline along with strengthening our spiritual bond with Allah.

In Surah Al-Baqarah (2:183), Allah has ordered believers to fast as fasting makes an individual God-fearing.

However, Allah, the most merciful and gracious has granted concession on fasting to a few individuals.

The following individuals have the concession from fasting:

  • Individuals who are ill.
  • Travelers.
  • Pregnant Women who are facing health concerns.

Allah is the most merciful and thus has eased the obligation of fasting for these individuals.

Can a Pregnant Woman Skip Fast?

If the Pregnant woman fears that her health or the baby’s health may deteriorate she may skip the fast. However, she is asked to make up for the missed fast afterward.

Moreover, if the pregnant woman isn’t facing any health concerns, she must fast during her pregnancy period.

Islam has always taught individuals to prioritize life and health in Islam. In the absence of health concerns, fasting during the pregnancy period remains obligatory. Endurance of hardships is a gift from Allah, and fulfilling religious duties like fasting draws us closer to Him.


It has been stated in Sunan an-Nasa’I 2274 that a woman is allowed to skip her fast during pregnancy if she feels she could harm herself or the unborn baby.

For pregnant women unable to fast due to health issues, Islam prescribes a remedy. They must make up for missed fasts later on, known as Qadha fasts.(Surah Al Baqarah 2:184)

Surah Al Baqarah 2 184

In rare instances where the health of the woman deteriorates to a point where fasting permanently becomes impossible even after delivery due to an incurable illness, Islam provides an alternative. Instead of fasting, she can feed a needy person for each missed day. This act not only fulfills the obligation but also attracts blessings and mercy from Allah (Sunan an-Nasa’I 2317).

Bottom Line

It is crucial to seek advice from knowledgeable scholars or medical professionals when deciding on fasting during pregnancy.

May Allah, the Most Merciful, grant wisdom and understanding to all believers facing such situations. May He bless us with good health and the ability to fulfill our obligations towards Him.

And Allah knows best.

Got a question? Feel free to ask mufti and get quick answers.


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