Pakistani National Assembly Members Fight With a Book Having Quranic Verses In It

Pakistani National Assembly Members Fights With a Book with Quranic Verses In It

According to the local Pakistani news website, legislators from treasury and opposition nearly came to blows and threw items at each other in the Pakistani National Assembly on Tuesday.

Members of the National Assembly started fighting by throwing the book at each other. The book contained the Quranic verses which can be seen throwing all over the national assembly.

The Pakistani local news reported during the second day of Shabaz Sharif’s spoke, the situation got heated up. The reason is that the PT’s Ali Nawaz Awan and the PML-N’s Rohail Ashgar and as well as other politicians exchanged heated words.

The opposition leader, Sharif, questioned about 10 million jobs that Imran Khan was promised before. He also asked where are the $300bn was supposed to be brought back to the country from abroad. Not only that, he further slammed PM Imran Khan, he said that the claims of elimination corruption from Imran were hollow.

After that, the lawmakers from both sides tried to hit each other by throwing the budget book across the National Assembly hall.
When Shabaz spoke, the tension started rising as the government and Opposition lawmakers face each other.

Right after the opposition called Imran Khan government ‘Donkey Rajma ki Sarkar’, Pakistan’s ruling party MNA (MP) Ali Nawaz Awan started abusing them, he was seen throwing books at them. On the other hand, the PTI MNA was pulled away by a woman lawmaker from the group of legislators who were shoving each other.

After the session, Sharif tweeted saying now that the whole nation saw how the ruling party resorted to hooliganism and even naked abuse on their tv. That shows how ethnically shallow Imran Khan and his whole party are and how PTI has turned into a fascist and abusive party politic. He later said it was unfortunate, expressing his disappointment.

On Monday, treasury members in a shocking move stopped the opposition leader from opening a general debate about the budget. They declaring that they would not allow him and Pakistani People Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari to speak in the National Assembly till they had a written guarantee that Prime Minister Imran Khan and ministers would be heard.

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