I’m under pressure to recognize Israel, says Imran Khan, PM of Pakistan

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Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that he is under pressure to recognize Israel however Islamabad will not continue relations with the ‘’Zionist’’ state until resolving the decades-long Palestinian issue.

Imran Khan denied naming the countries who have pressurized him for considering Israel in an interview on a private tv channel on Thursday. 

To get a clear answer the anchorperson further asked are the countries Muslim or non-muslim who have pressurized you? 

The premier replied that there are things we can not mention but we have good relations with them.

Diplomatic and economic relations with Tel Aviv have been developed by the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Other Gulf countries are also trying to make relations normal with Isreal

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However, he made it very obvious that he does not have any second thought about the consideration of Isreal. He further stated that I have no second thought to consider Israel until there is a settlement that satisfies the Palestinians. 

The premier stated that Islamabad will continue to follow the footsteps of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Regarding the country’s father, he further said that Muhammad Ali Jinnah had denied recognizing Isreal. 

He noticed that in the US Israel is highly influenced. So he is being pressurized by the US to consider Israel.

Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that there will not be any change in Washington’s ongoing Afghan policy while replying to a bunch of questions with the US president Joe Biden’s administration with especially referring to Afghanistan which concludes to finish the 19-year-old conflict by a political statement in a war-torn country.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan opined regarding the Kashmir dispute that New Delhi’s controversial decision to clear the disputed region of its well-established semi-autonomous status has further strengthened the movement of freedom and anti-Indian sentiments in the valley. 

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A Shabbir Ahmed

All the pakistan rulers in the past 72 years since their independence are outright liars and they toe the US Line in exchange for billions of dollars in non returnable aid.

If US twists their arm a little bit, they will go and support israel openly.

Yet another hypocrite coming out of the cupboard

Anowar Hussain

Imran khan does not behave like PM of a Nuclear powered Country Pakistan. Should be bold to take its own decision and mobilise support diplomatically from many of the countries who are bold to take independent decision irrespective of the fact whether he supports the cause of Kashmiris or not . His opinion under such a controversial statement is neither going to help India nor Kashmiris.

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