Children of Gaza Sleep In Chicken Cages In Rafah

Displaced Palestinian families in Gaza are facing unimaginable times as they are struggling to find shelter.
Displaced palestinian children
Image: Mohammed Baker

Palestinian children in Gaza are forced to sleep in chicken cages and destroyed homes in Rafah after fleeing deadly Israeli attacks on the rest of the district.

As strikes in Gaza intensify, the situation for the displaced Palestinian families is getting dire, highlighting the need for humanitarian aid, which Israel is continuously blocking from entering Gaza.

Many Palestinian families are left with nothing but their destroyed homes, which were once the place they could call home.

Since the start of Israel’s war on Gaza back in 2023, Israel has displaced more than 1 million Palestinians from their homes in Gaza. These families now lack necessities, including shelter, food, and water. According to the reports, 85% of the population of Gaza is displaced while 15% are dead, making the entire Gaza a “Genocide”.

In Rafah, a city in the south where space and resources are limited, families have turned to farms for shelter, converting empty chicken coops into makeshift beds for their children. The dire living conditions, combined with the emotional strain of constant fear, have significantly impacted the residents, especially the youngest ones who are struggling with the absence of safety, stability, and routine.

In central Gaza, families have chosen to return to their damaged homes, opting to face the dangers of residing among debris and destruction rather than tolerate the cramped and unwelcoming environment of temporary shelters. The touching tales of endurance and strength highlight the strong bond with their residences and the determination to uphold their entitlement to decent living standards, despite facing overwhelming challenges.

What Palestinian families are going through in Gaza strikes similarities to past injustices, such as Nakba 1948, which saw the forced displacement of hundreds and thousands of Palestinians after the Israeli takeover.

Yet after all this, the International community has been doing nothing to stop the war or even call for a ceasefire. While South Africa has also taken Israel to the International Criminal Court, they also refused to take further actions against Israel.

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