Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations For Muslims In 2024

Muslim Honeymoon Destinations

Best honeymoon destinations that every newlywed Muslim couple should visit and make their honeymoon period the best time of their lives.

As recently married, picking a place for your new coexistence can be both energizing and overpowering.

As Muslims, we have an assortment of travel needs, and alhamdulillah, there are a lot of Muslim-accommodating getaway spots to browse! Not a lovebird? Not an issue — these halal-accommodating goals are extraordinary for Muslim couples of any age!

Here is our rundown of the best 10 Muslim Honeymoon Destinations goals to consider;

1. Malaysia

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If you need something unwinding then this Muslim wedding trip visit to Malaysia is an absolute necessity, visit Langkawi’s white sandy shorelines and lavish woodlands.

Unwinding resorts, lavish scenes, and in particular the nourishment will influence you to return for additional… with every last bit of it being halal.

2. Maldives

veligandu island maldives
Photo: Pixabay

Who does not love water? These resemble a paradise on earth. The Maldives is a standout amongst the most mainstream Muslim special first nightspots as it is stacked with 1,200 islands and clear water.

This tropical, Muslim-dominant part nation offers numerous choices for where to stay and what to do. There is snorkeling, scuba plunging, halal nourishment, and significantly more.

3. Turkey

Photo: Pixabay

It is best for a special first night as it is an ideal blend of East and West, this city has such a great amount to offer – the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and old Islamic relics housed in Topkapi royal residence are an unquestionable requirement.

Eat distinctive dishes and enjoy wanton baklava and Turkish joy. Move, wander, take a hot air swell ride in Cappadocia, and appreciate Istanbul.

4. UAE

Photo: Pixabay

Truly, before Dubai was not famous but rather now; this city has the tallest building, shopping center, aquariums, air terminal terminals, and wellsprings on the planet. It is ideal for a special night in Dubai‘s man-made islands for a paramount, rare involvement with your companion on your wedding trip.

5. South Africa

cape town south africa
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This nation has a considerable measure for making your special first night an extraordinary ordeal from shark-jumping, wild penguins, abseiling (rappelling) down Table Mountain, climbing Lion’s Head, etc. For newly wedded, this city is an absolute necessity to see!

6. Saudi Arabia

How does soaring over Abha’s exotic landscapes feel? Saudi Arabia, an enchanting Muslim honeymoon destination is a land full of natural beauty, history, and cultural values.

The spectacular streets of Istanbul with its iconic domes and mosques give a sense of spiritual heritage making it a perfect sight for Muslim honeymoon couples.

A dream-like adventure and luxurious resort in the country add moments of romance and relaxation. A country indeed where an unforgettable honeymoon comes to life.

7. Azerbaijan

What’s better than a scenic view which refreshes your mind? The famous Caucasus mountains and the Caspian Sea there lies a hidden gem, referred to as the Land of Fire or Azerbaijan.

A blend of tradition and modernity, this place is an incredible honeymoon destination for Muslims. Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, particularly boasts amazing modern architecture alongside the historic city. It is indeed a romantic getaway for a perfect honeymoon destination.

8. Egypt

The home to the world’s most famous landmarks, including the pyramids of Gaza, and the historic beautiful cities of Cairo is Egypt, a treasure trove of history and a fantastic Muslim honeymoon destination. The beautiful Al Azhar mosque and cruise along the Nile River add a magic touch to the romantic landscape.

9. Morocco

The Gateway to North Africa, Morocco offers exotic honeymoon experiences, especially for Muslim couples. With its incredible stunning gardens, and palaces Marrakech is a place every couple should visit to get a lifetime experience.

10. Qatar

The rapidly developing country in the Middle East, Qatar has become an exotic honeymoon destination for Muslim couples. A mix of historical architecture and modern skyscrapers in the city of Doha is one of the main attractions for tourists and couples.

The Islamic art Museum and historical sites add beauty to the region. A refreshing waterfront and beautiful resorts provide a romantic honeymoon experience.

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