Wadi Muhassar: Place Where Ababil Threw Stones at The Army

Waadi Muhassar is situated between Mina and Muzdalifah. It is the place where the army of Abraha was destroyed. The year is known as the Year of the Elephant.
Wadi Muhassar

Two incidents happened in the Year of Elephants. The Holy Prophet was born and the army of Abraha was defeated.


  • The event took place in Wadi Muhassir.
  • Wadi Muhassir is located between Mina and Muzdalifa.
  • The entire story about the defeat of Abrahah’s Army is mentioned in Surah Fil.

In the history of Islam, the Year of the Elephant. It is a time of great significance. It is the year when Allah showed His power over the enemy of Islam. This incident took place in the valley of Waadi Muhassar, a place between Mina and Muzdalifah.

What is Waadi Muhassar?

Waadi Muhassar is where Allah destroyed Abraha and his army. This event is mentioned in Surah Feel in the Quran.

wadi muhasar

It is a sunnah, a practice of the Holy Prophet for pilgrims to walk briskly past this area. The Holy Prophet himself hurried through Waadi Muhassar during his Hajj.


wadi muhassir map location


  • Address: Street 406, Near Mozdalifa, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
  • City: Makkah
  • Country: Saudi Arabia

The Incident of Abraha

Abraha al-Ashram ruled Yemen. He built a grand Church in Sana, hoping to shift the Arab pilgrimage from the Kabah to his church. But his plan backfired when a man from the Banu Kinana tribe destroyed the church. Furious, Abraha vowed to destroy the Ka’bah.

Abraha set out with a strong force, including elephants. But in Waadi Muhassar, his largest elephant, Mehmud, refused to advance towards the Kaabah. It was here that Allah sent birds with pebbles, which struck down Abraha’s army. Abraha himself suffered a terrible fate.

Does Allah say in Surah Feel that have you not seen how your Rabb dealt with the people of the elephants? The birds, carrying clay pebbles, pelted the invaders, leaving them like eaten fodder. This miraculous event spread the fame of the Ka’bah far and wide.

The Importance of the Year of Elephant

The Year of the Elephant, 571 CE, became significant in history. The Holy Prophet was born 52-55 days after this incident.

During his Farewell Hajj, the Holy Prophet passed through Waadi Muhassar. There he moved quickly as it was the place where Allah’s punishment had occurred. He also collected pebbles here for the ritual of Rami.

The failed attempt by Abraha to destroy the Ka’bah stands as a testament to the Kaabah’s sanctity and Allah’s protection over it. The event of the Year of the Elephant remains a powerful reminder of Allah’s supremacy.

This story of faith continues to inspire millions who visit the sacred sites, walking in the footsteps of the Holy Prophet and remembering the victory in the valley of Waadi Muhassar.

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