Hajj 2024 (1445) Season Starts Today

The Two Holy Mosques are ready to welcome Hajj pilgrims. The Hajj pilgrims have started to arrive in the city of Makkah.
Pilgrims in the Grand Mosque First Floor
Photo: Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of Saudi Arabia

Hajj pilgrims will start entering the city of Makkah today.


  • The Hajj 2024 (1445) season has officially started today.
  • The last date for Umrah pilgrims to leave the kingdom is the 29th of Dhul Qidah.
  • Pilgrims from all around the world will soon arrive in Saudi Arabia.

Hajj season for 1445/2024 initiates today in the city of Makkah. The city is prepared to receive pilgrims. The Two Holy Mosques are welcoming arrivals. The Hajj season signifies unity and faith.

The Saudi authorities are still recruiting seasonal staff for operations of Hajj. This is to ensure a smooth pilgrimage experience is offered.

Makkah’s authorities are dedicated to a seamless Hajj. They are improving services, including medical and guidance each year. The maintenance of holy sites is a top concern. Thus, cleanliness is essential.

Hajj unites diverse believers of different cast and languages. A spiritual atmosphere envelops the city. The Two Holy Mosques are at the heart of this experience. They offer a journey of transformation.

Makkah’s renowned hospitality will shine this Hajj season. The city will extend warmth and support to all. The world watches as Makkah hosts this significant Hajj event every year. 

As the Hajj commences, anticipation is at its peak. Makkah buzzes with preparations. Safety and comfort for pilgrims are the General Authority’s focus. The air resonates with prayers.

The extension of the government scheme is vital. The government has also made the application process simple. The Saudi ministry’s efforts ensure a smooth Hajj. The staff, crucial to operations, are the backbone of this event.

Makkah is experienced in hosting pilgrims. Each year, it aims to enhance services. The city is ready for Hajj 1445/2024. It’s a time of faith, unity, and renewal.

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