Is Honeymoon Halal or Haram In Islam?

The trend of honeymoon in Muslim weddings are increasing as the couples go on a vacation or honeymoon to spend some time. However, concerns may arise regarding the Islamic permissibility of a Honeymoon as individuals claim that this tradition is derived from Christian weddings particularly.
honeymoon in islam

Honeymoon in Islam has become a topic of conversation among many Muslims, especially in modern times when cultural practices are often intertwined with religious guidelines.

With this in mind, it is important to understand the Islamic opinion on honeymoon and whether it complies with the principles of Shariah.

What is a Honeymoon?

A honeymoon in other words means a short vacation that newlyweds take to spend some time together. It is a time for a newlywed couple to establish a stronger bond, understand each other better, and begin their journey of married life together.

Islam encourages halal Nikkah and considers it a sacred bond between a man and a woman. Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) emphasized the importance of kindness, love, and companionship between spouses.

Is Going On Honeymoon Halal For Muslim Couples?

However, there are several aspects to consider when it comes to the honeymoon concept to ensure that it remains within the permissible limits of Islam.

Firstly individuals should take care of the values of modesty and privacy. One should avoid immodest activities leading to sin. Secondly, couples should not be involved in indecent behavior, visiting places that are impermissible in Islam, or involving themselves in gambling or drinking alcohol.


  • Islam highly encourages moderation in all aspects of life. Thus couples should avoid spending money on unnecessary things and abstain from extravagance.
  • Sunan Ibn Majah, 1846

    Bottom Line

    We can say that although the concept of the honeymoon itself is not mentioned separately in Islamic texts, the principles of Islam give instructions on how to approach such a period.

    Thus honeymoon is permissible in Islam as long as everything is conducted in a manner that respects Islamic values and principles. One example could be going for Umrah/Hajj could be the best choice for newlyweds.

    May Allah bless all married couples and grant them happiness in their married life.

    Allah knows the Best

    Got a question? Feel free to ask mufti and get quick answers.


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