Holding Quran Over Bride’s Head Is Islamic Or Not?

Holding Quran Over Bride's Head Is Islamic Or Not Your Answer Is Here
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Bride’s Head covered under Quran is a ritual highly followed by Pakistani, Indian, and Bangladeshi Muslims after their Daughter/Sister goes to her spouse’s house.

In Bangladesh, India, or Pakistan, during Rukhsati (Rukhsati means to go to Spouse‘s house after the wedding), we must have seen people holding Quran over the Bride’s head. And this ritual is highly followed by a large number of Muslims in India and Pakistan or Bangladesh.

Today, we will talk about whether this ritual is Islamic or is it something that people created.

According to these people, who actively do this, they rationalize it as a ritual to keep evil eyes away from the newlywed couple and to make them secure under Quran’s shadow.

Holding Quran over Bride’s head is a Biddah (Innovation)!

Biddah means innovation and innovation in Islam means doing something which has not been done by Muhammad PBUH and can not be authenticated by Quran as well.

In Fatwa No. 10543 by Shaykh Ibn Baz, who declared this ritual as Biddah, declaring the fact that it has nothing to do with Islam and it has not been done by any Prophets or any Islamic personality in the past.

He further clarified that doing this would never make any difference. Like if you’re ill and you need a pill, will you put it over your head, or will take it with water? obviously, take it with water! because that’s what cures your diseases. Similarly, putting Quran over the bride’s head will mean nothing if she, herself does not recite it while she is going to her spouses’ house. Fatwa Noor ala al Darb Ibn Baz – (4/2)

If we really want the newlywed couple to have a healthy, happy, and lovely life, then instead of holding Quran on their heads, we need to motivate them to recite it as they start their new life.

May Allah keep all of us away from Evil eyes and make all of us walk the right path of Allah as taught by the last prophet of Islam, Muhammad (PBUH).


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