Muslims to Boycott ChatGPT as CEO Confirms Helping Israel 

ChatGPT CEO Sam Altman

ChatGPT CEO Sam Altman believes artificial intelligence (AI) can play a crucial role in mitigating the risks faced by Israel.

The CEO of OpenAI (the company behind ChatGPT) has hinted at intentions to invest in Israel. A global lobbying campaign is being carried out by Altman as part of his advocacy efforts for responsible AI usage.

As part of Altman’s visit to Israel, he is expected to discuss potential threats and opportunities presented by artificial intelligence. Jordan, India, and South Korea are also on his agenda for meetings with influential figures and political leaders.

Sam Altman with Israeli President Isaac Herzog
Sam Altman with Israeli President Isaac Herzog. Photo by IAEAI – The Israeli Association for Ethics in AI

There were reports of a similar meeting in both Europe and America in May.

In his meeting with Isaac Herzog, he noted that he believes Israel can make a significant contribution to technology.

Israel was ranked among the top five countries among machine learning systems and AI experts in a recent Stanford University study, he said. The remarks Altman delivered highlighted Israel’s potential in the area of artificial intelligence.

Microsoft, an OpenAI backer, acknowledged in a Hebrew statement that Altman was exploring “different investment opportunities with Israel.”

According to reports, Altman also reassured individuals about job prospects affected by AI. According to him, people will continue to have valuable roles despite increased automation.

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