Things You Should Know About Alabaster Stone In The Holy Kaaba

Alabaster Stone In The Holy Kaaba

You must have noticed the 8 pieces located at the right side of the door of Holy Kaaba. That is the thing called Alabaster stone and about 200 years ago these marbles were stolen and these are 5 facts about it.

It is a very rare type of Marble

It is known as “Mary Stone” and it is 807 years old and it is yellowish-brown color, making it one of the rarest type of marble.

In 631, this marble was gifted to Masjid al-Haram

Alabaster Holy Kaaba
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Alabaster stone pieces were gifted by Abu Jafar Al Mansur in Hijri year 631.

Size of Alabaster stone pieces

Yellow Eight Stones On Kaaba
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The biggest piece is about 33 cm in length and 21 cm in wide.

This is the place where Jabrael (AS) taught Prophet Muhammad PBUH

The place where these eight pieces of Alabaster has been placed in the location where Prophet Muhammad PBUH was taught by Angel Jibrael (AS) about how to pray. The place where Prophet Muhammad PBUH was taught by Jibrael (AS) is marked in red dots below.

Place Where Jibrael As Taught Prophet Muhammad Namaz
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Prophet Muhammad PBUH said that Angel Jibrael (AS) led me in salah in Masjid al-Haram. He prayer the Maghrib prayer with Jibrael (AS), mentioned Asr, Maghrib Esha, and Fajr prayer by staying that Jibrael led me a prayer at the time when people break their fast, he prayed the night prayer with me including Dawn prayer. And the next day we prayer Zuhr prayer and included all the prayers Jibrael AS taught Prophet Muhammad PBUH. (Cited from Sunan Abi Dawud 393)

Alabaster stone was stolen for 164 years

These marbles were stolen in 1213 Hijri, later they were found near a dead body of an unknown man. They was put back in Holy Kaaba in 1377 Hijri.

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