Anti-Islam Group Burns Quran in Copenhagen Under Police Watch

Danish nationalists burn Quran in Copenhagen, angering Muslims and sparking debate over freedom of expression and respect for religions.
anti islam group danish nationalists
Photo by John Mcconnico / AP

COPENHAGEN – Danish Nationalists, an anti-Islam and racist group from Denmark, burned a copy of the Holy Quran in front of the Turkish and Iraqi embassies in Copenhagen, according to Turkish media reports on Sunday.

A group of members waved banners and shouted anti-Islamic slogans as they burned the Quran. The entire event was broadcast live on social media platforms. Danish police protected the protesters and didn’t intervene to stop the hateful act.

The ongoing hatred and series of Quran burnings have angered billions of Muslims around the world as more and more countries step in to stop the hateful acts.

Danish channel TV 2 on Saturday launched a poll asking the Danish people whether the Quran burning should be broadcast live or not, more than 60% of the Danes have voted that any broadcast of Quran burning should be banned.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has instructed its members to take appropriate action against any country that allows public displays of Quran burning by summoning their ambassadors.

In June this year, a controversial incident occurred when Silwan Momika, an Iraqi refugee living in Sweden, burned and defiled the Quran outside a mosque in Stockholm while protected by the Swedish police. His claim was that it was an exercise of his right to freedom of expression. This provoked Muslims around the world to react and get angry.

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