Quba Mosque Will Now Be Open For 24 Hours, Orders King Salman

Quba Mosque Will Now Be Open For 24 Hours

King Salman go to see and worshipped at the Quba mosque on Wednesday, conveyed by a number of princes.

King Salman has ordered a revision into opening Quba Mosque for 24 hours supplication during the day, said Prince Faisal bin Salman, Madinah Governer.

King Salman during his visit, he prayed at the mosque as well followed with the convoys.

Succeeding the consideration, execution of all essential necessities will begin instantly, said Prince Faisal.

Prior, King Salman emphasized the Saudi people’s harmony at a party held by notables and dignities of Madinah to greet and rejoice his stopover and his initiation of development schemes in the district.

Everybody in Saudi Arabia is alike, and while there is latitude in some nations, in the Kingdom anybody can file a suit in contradiction of anyone, he added.

The schemes he initiated comprise Al-Miqat Hospital and a water-treatment houseplant, Al-Ekhbariya TV stated.

He also unbolted the King Salman International Conference Center, which comprises a central hall for festivities with a size of 2,500 people, and 3 multi-purpose centers that can lodge up to 500 people each.

Citizens of Madinah much-admired the king Salman for his visit. Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, Health Minister acknowledged king Salman for his substantial sustenance of the health sector.

Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Jadaan, Finance Minister acknowledged the king Salman for his support of the inaugural of the conference center.

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