Muslim Teen Islam Khalilov Saved Over 100 Lives From Moscow Concert Hall Attack

Islam Khalilov is hailed as a hero!
Islam Khalilov

Islam Khalilov, 15 along with Artyom Donskoy 14 were working as cloakroom attendants when Moscow’s Crocus City Hall attack began.

Islam Khalilov along with other employees, has directed people who were going in the wrong direction, toward the exits.

On Monday, Islam Khalilov and others were awarded medals for bravery in the ceremony by the Russian commissioner for children’s rights.

Russian Childrens Ombudsperson Maria Lvova Belova awarding Islam Khalilov for saing lives during Crocus City Hall attack
Russian Children’s Ombudsperson Maria Lvova-Belova awarded Islam Khalilov for saving lives during the Crocus City Hall attack.

Honestly, I don’t consider myself a ‘Hero’.

Islam while talking to a media outlet.

His heroic actions were also recognized and praised by Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin, the spiritual leader of the Russian Muslims.

Grand Mufti of Russia Ravil Gaynutdin to present a Medal to Islam Khalilov during the Friday prayers this week. And Rapper Morgenstern promises to send $10,900 to Islam as a token of appreciation.

Islam’s family are the immigrants to Russia from Kyrgyzstan. He has been working at the Crocus City Hall for about a year. He further told the medical outlets, that when the attack began, he thought some company was doing construction work in the hall.

He said something was wrong when he saw people running inside the hall.

What had happened?

On March 22, four gunmen stormed the Crocus City Hall (Concert Hall) in Krasnogorsk and began to shoot at people. At the time of the attack, 6,000 people were attending a rock concert.

As per health authorities, more than 140 people lost their lives in the deadly incident.

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