Muslim Man Burnt To Death In Bihar, India

bihar burn muslim alive
Picture: Ricardo Gomez Angel

India, A 56-year-old man was reportedly viciously hanged to death by an angry mob after being suspected of carrying beef in Bihar’s Siwan district on Tuesday night.

According to the police report, Naseem Qureshi, a resident of Hasanpur village, was intercepted while traveling with his nephew, Firoz Ahmed Qureshi. An angry mob caught the two unfortunate men near the mosque in the village of Jogia, about 110 km northwest of Patna, India.

It was further said that the victim’s nephew, Firoz Qureshi managed to escape, while Nazeem Qureshi was unlucky as the mob with wooden sticks beat him until he was black and blue.

After Nazeem became unconscious, the mob themselves were said to have brought the poor man to the police station in Rusulpur village.

Not long after, the victim was rushed to the hospital but died while being treated.

Inspector of Police Saran Gaurav Mangla explained that three persons, including local Sarpanch Sushil Singh and two others, Ravi Sah and Ujwal Sharma, had been arrested for lynching. In contrast, two others are still being sought by the police.

The victim’s brother, Ashraf Qureshi, accused the local police of trying to protect the perpetrator and demanded that the police investigate the case somewhat to prevent similar incidents from repeating.

The victim’s family also deplored the police’s move to transport the seriously injured victim on a motorbike instead of an ambulance.

On the other hand, the police assured that this case is being treated as a mob lynching case and is being investigated from all angles, including whether Naseem was carrying beef or not at the time of the incident.

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