Saudi Women Participate in Kiswa Change Ceremony for the First Time

A historic moment in the 2024 Kiswa change ceremony.
Saudi Women Kiswa Changing Ceremoney 2024 1

A number of Saudi women working at the General Authority took part in the ceremonial changing of the Kaaba’s Kiswa on Saturday.

The Kiswa, the black cloth covering the Kaaba, is changed annually in a revered tradition, and this year saw the inclusion of female staff in the process.

Saudi Women kiswa changing ceremoney 2

Their participation reflects ongoing efforts to increase the role of women in various aspects of religious and public life in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Women kiswa changing ceremoney 3

In Islamic history, there is no specific evidence or mention of women directly participating in the kiswa changing ceremony of the Kaaba.

Saudi Women kiswa changing ceremoney 4

The responsibility of changing the kiswa has traditionally been carried out by male custodians, such as the Quraysh tribe and later the authorities in charge of the Haram in Makkah.

This year’s Kiswa was made for 20 million SAR (Saudi Arabian Riyals). It is made from 670kg of natural silk, 100kg of silver thread, and 120kg of gold thread.

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