2024 Kiswah of the Kaaba Costs 20 Million Saudi Riyals

The 2024 Kiswah of the Holy Kaaba is a stunning creation, featuring 670 kg of natural silk, 120 kg of gold thread, and 100 kg of silver thread, with a total weight of 1,300 kg and costing over 20 million riyals.
Kaaba Kiswah 2024 1

The Kiswah of the holy Kaaba is scheduled to change on Muharram 1, 1446.

Materials and Craftsmanship

The 2024 Kiswah is made from 670 kilograms of natural silk, which provides the rich, black base of the cloth. This silk is woven and dyed to achieve the deep, uniform color symbolic of the Kiswah.

In addition to the silk, the Kiswah features intricate embroidery created with 120 kilograms of gold thread and 100 kilograms of silver thread.

Kaaba Kiswah 2024 2

These threads are used to embroider Quranic verses and intricate designs, adding to the Kiswah’s stunning appearance and spiritual importance.

Weight and Cost

The total weight of the 2024 Kiswah is 1,300 kilograms. This significant weight is due to the high-quality materials used and the dense, elaborate embroidery that adorns the cloth.

The cost of producing the Kiswah is over 20 million riyals, reflecting the expense of the materials and the skilled labor involved in its creation.

The Kiswah is replaced annually during the Hajj pilgrimage. The process of changing the Kiswah is a deeply symbolic act, representing the renewal and purification of the sacred Kaaba.

The new Kiswah is placed on the Kaaba in a respectful ceremony, attended by officials and workers from the King Abdulaziz Complex for Manufacturing the Kaaba’s Kiswa.

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